15 klm away from Loutra Ypatis, on the way to National Forest of Oiti, you find Agathonos Monastery. For many years father Germanos Dimakos (d. 2005) had been Father Superior of the monastery, also known as “father impatient”, priest of Aris Velouchiotis throughout the years of National Resistance. At the chapel of Saint Charalampos you will find the relics of Priest-Monk Vissarion. Inside the monastery you can also find the museum of Natural History of the National Forest of Oiti where most species of the fauna of Oiti are exposed and in its yard there is a “botanical garden” with trees and bushes of the mountain. Moreover in a wide area around the monastery you will be able to see from very close, deer wandering freely.

10klm southeast of Loutra Ypatis, there lies the historical Gorgopotamos bridge, which was blown by Greek rebels on November of 1942. But beyond the bridge, the river Gorgopotamos, is extremely interesting, its water is crystal clear and frozen even in the heart of a very hot summer and it crosses one of the widest and most difficult to approach canyon in Greece, where the last wild goats have found shelter.
10klm on the east of Gorgopotamos there is the Alamana bridge with the monument of Athanasios Diakos and 3klm on the south of Alamana there is the Thermopyles with the famous statue of Leonidas.
Ascending Oiti, 5klm from Loutra Ypatis at an altitude of 450m., we meet historical and tortured Ypati. It is worth paying a visit to the Byzantine museum of Ypati to see the wide variety of findings from the wider area of Ypati. There is also the Centre of the Environmental Education of Ypati where you can be informed on the environmental issues of the area.